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I have a deep obsession with cemeteries, abandoned places, psychology, nature, science, astronomy, and all forms of art. They are things that will never stop fascinating me& they are my drive. It is my wish is that I -never- stop my love for learning and sharing my knowledge :-))


The Drive Home


The Elephant’s Trunk Nebula in the constellation Cepheus (high resolution)

Image credit: T. Rector (U. Alaska Anchorage) & H. Schweiker (WIYNNOAOAURANSF)

More photos here.

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Having fun with kaleidoscope on photo booth… Who needs acid when you have an iPad?


a three ounce baby galápagos tortoise and its 564 pound mother. it will take thirty years for the baby to grow as big as the mother. galápagos tortoises are the longest lived of all vertebrates, with average lifespans of more than a hundred years. photo by mandy quayle at the taronga western plains zoo in new south wales, australia.

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Simon Haiduk


Simon Haiduk


The whole collection (by Brent Waller)


arborizing vasculature of the (rat) brain

or a tree

honestly it looks more like a yellow tree to me

colored SEM, 20x

credit: Susumu Nishinaga  


Maria Rubinke