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I have a deep obsession with cemeteries, abandoned places, psychology, nature, science, astronomy, and all forms of art. They are things that will never stop fascinating me& they are my drive. It is my wish is that I -never- stop my love for learning and sharing my knowledge :-))




Dead Cassette Tapes Reincarnated As Skeletons by
Brian Dettmer

As featured in Hi-Fructose vol.7

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Phrenology was (and still is) a pseudoscience with the false basic premise that the strength of mental faculties was based upon the sizes of various parts of the brain. The suggestion was that the morphology of the skull could be used to estimate the size of brain regions and by extension the mental capability and character of an individual. 

The practice has a dark history of facilitating sexism, racism and hatred towards our fellow humans since its origin in 1796.

This illustration (from How to read character: a new illustrated hand-book of phrenology and physiognomy (1890))charts the regions once thought to be responsible for various traits and caricatures each. 

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Finally found frames for 2 of these in the kitchen :-)

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Colorful and sparkling specimen of Chalcopyrite iridescent in glittering purple, yellow, blue, and green. Chalcopyrite are lustrous and strongly light reflective. White Dolomite crystals grow on the base.

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An Iron giant sketch i did awhile ago to get a hold of photoshop CS6.

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Miss Correct Posture, 1956 

Hey, stop hunching. 


Sunglasses - detail from 1952 Ray Ban Sunglasses ad.